18 Spectacular Alternatives to WATCHCARTOONONLINE that You Must Explore Now!

WATCHCARTOONONLINE has been a beloved resource for streaming cartoons, anime and other shows since its launch in 2009. However, in recent years its popularity has declined as hiccups over copyright issues arise from time to time. Regardless of if you’re a long-time fan of WATCHCARTOONONLINE or just arrived, here’s a quick overview of the platform, what it offers and 18 incredible alternatives that you should definitely explore.



WATCHCAROTNONLINE is a popular online streaming platform for watching and downloading movies, cartoons, TV shows, animations and anime series. It follows a free business model — meaning you don’t pay anything to use the service but might face 40-second video ads during one of your viewings.


In 2019, reports started coming in that the domain name of WATCHCARTOONONLINE had expired and signed off. The platform was taken offline but reappeared months later as its new URL slid into place. It is currently active — safe to use, and completely free for its users. However, because it has had to make adjustments due to copyright issues from time to time, there can be interruptions in service which means you’ll have to explore alternative platforms if your viewership is interrupted.

Top 18 Watchcartoononline alternatives for free Anime in 2023



ANMEDAO is an exclusive streaming platform that offers thousands of anime series and cartoons that can now be accessed online or downloaded with ease. It has a massive library you can explore, updated regularly with new additions found in the top sections. Moreover, all of its content is completely free for viewers, and movies or series can be shared with friends to watch together!



If you’re searching for a place where new releases are quickly launched, then ANILINKZ should definitely be on your radar. All of its shows and features are available in multiple languages, and along with its generous library, you can also access live streaming. Plus, if you’re satisfied after signing up — the PRO version offers incredible parental control for free!



MASTERANI is a one-of-a-kind anime streaming platform that gratuitously provides HD quality anime series and movies to users, which they can enjoy without having to pay anything extra balance. Its interface is quite pleasing, targeting both beginners and hardcore fans. It also provides cartoon versions along with dubbed versions to watch or download content from anime as-we-all-know sites like KissCartoon often fail in this regard!



Funimation is the perfect streaming service for all language enthusiasts who seek anime content that is specialized just for them. It comes with the largest library of dubbed and subbed series for individuals to view in outstanding visual quality, along with a range of interactive features, including timed comment sections, live chats and game shows that make it an even more enjoyable experience!



Cartoon Crazy offers cartoon movies, TV shows as well as animes from reliable sources. It does not require any sign-up or login for you to access its content — keeping it completely free for users! With high-quality content, an extensive library and easy availability of shows in multiple languages, this is definitely a great alternative if you are looking for cartoon shows and movies!



KissCartoon is one of the most sought-after destinations for anime fans. It offers an abundant library featuring both classic and latest series, which one can stream in HD quality without any additional cost or registration hassle. Plus, it has a highly efficient searching feature along with organized tabs that enable users to find their favorite show at once!



NarutoGet is an anime streaming platform that offers access to the latest and most popular series online. It has a clutter-free watching environment, providing users with high-quality visuals for free. Plus, its search feature is quite detailed — making it easier for viewers to locate their favorite show easily!



If you prefer watching your anime series in the original language, then AnimeFreak is a great alternative for you. It has an amazing library that caters to hardcore fans through its advanced categorization options, fast-loading videos and relevant suggestions for new titles, which can get pretty addictive!



MasterAnime is another streaming site made just for die-hard fans of Japanese animation where they can easily find all their favorite shows plus, it offers considerable filtering options too! This will enable viewers to narrow down their search — saving time and effort. Moreover, its intuitive interface allows even novices to use the site with ease!



SoulAnime is one of those platforms where you can access thousands of classic cartoons for free. It enables users to watch animes dubbed or subbed in multiple languages with HD-quality visuals plus; it also has a mobile version allowing everyone to stream on the go!



AnimeOwl is an innovative streaming service that specializes only in anime. With its vast and ever-growing library, users can enjoy all their favorite shows anytime, anywhere — making access to these series easier than ever before! Plus, it has an outlined search bar which can help viewers pick out the right shows sooner.



AnimNova as its name implies, is a platform specifically made for anime fans that provide new and popular series without any unnecessary distracting features! Each of its entries focuses on quality over quantity guaranteeing viewers a perfect viewing experience. Moreover, its user-friendly layout and visual design won’t leave even noobs having difficulty navigating through the site!



Are you looking for an anime website that offers new shows in English with exceptional quality? Then KuroAni is just what you need — It provides cutting-edge graphics along with minimal advertisements so its viewers can didn’t get distracted from their favorite show!



JustDubs is a reliable streaming site with an impressive library containing both dubbed and subbed shows. It provides its content in HD quality, along with easy access to other related stuff like episodes or movie series — enabling viewers to keep up with all the latest anime releases!



Animelab provides fans of Japanese animation with one of the largest collections of award-winning shows. With powerful visuals and a variety of streaming options — this platform is, without a doubt, for everyone who can’t seem to get enough anime content! Plus, it also supports multiple languages, so you can pick out what best suits your preference!



AnimeKisa is a growing anime streaming platform with an extensive library of newly released entries. It has video playlists for individuals to browse, along with recommendations so viewers won’t miss out on exciting series plus, its content includes both dubbed and subbed language versions for everyone’s convenience!



AniWatcher is an astonishing and reliable streaming platform that boasts a user-friendly layout and features, making it easier for individuals to find their favorite shows quickly. It also provides dubbed anime series, which can be easily accessed via its vast library — making it one of the best options for watching your favorite anime.



AnimePark is a wonderful site that stands out in comparison to other streaming sites because its collection includes stuff from different genres like animations, dramas and movies — allowing individuals to get variety in their viewing habits! It also has constructive forums where you can interact with other members, extending the existing community beyond simply watching shows!



A: Yes, the platform is still currently available and running without any major issues.

Q: Is it free to use WATCHCARTOONONLINE?

A: Yes, the platform follows a freemium business model and viewing shows on this website is completely free of cost.

Q: What kind of content does WatchCartoonOnline have?

A: The service provides hundreds of movies, TV series and anime programs which can be streamed or downloaded for free.

Q: How can I use WatchCartoonOnline?

A: All you need to do is visit the website and choose from an extensive library of shows available; after that, click on a show to begin your viewing experience!

Q: Does WATCHCARTOONONLINE offer dubs or subs?

A: Yes, it features both English dubbed and subbed versions of animes for its users.

Q: How often does WATCHCARTOONONLINE update its library?

A: The platform uploads the latest episodes regularly and is always keeping up with current trends.

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