26 123Movies Alternatives – The Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

It’s no secret that 123movies was a hugely popular movie streaming website for quite some time. However, due to pressure from content creators and copyright holders, the website has now been shut down. Fortunately, there are many other options available that can serve as great alternatives to people who use 123movies to watch their favorite movies and shows online. Below is an overview of some of the best free online movie streaming sites that you can use in place of 123movies.


123movies Alternatives For Everyone!



LosMovies is an excellent website for users who want to stream their favorite movies and TV shows online for free. It offers a huge selection with thousands of titles dating back many years, all conveniently organized into different categories such as genres or actors/directors/years. Another great feature is its easy-to-use search bar which is incredibly intuitive and makes searching for a specific movie very quick and easy. The website also updates its library on almost a daily basis, meaning users will always be able to find the newest movies and shows here.



TubiTV is another great alternative to 123movies that offers free online streaming of both movies and TV series. It has an extensive selection with thousands upon thousands of titles from all sorts of genres, and all videos are ad-supported, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend money. It also has its own personalization feature that allows users to customize their streaming experience, creating watchlists and being able to follow specific titles or genres more easily.



Yomovies is an excellent online movie streaming website that boasts over 50,000 titles from many different countries and languages. Its library includes both movies and TV series, as well as Hollywood blockbusters and international movies. It also supports subtitle downloads for a convenient viewing experience. One of the best things about Yomovies is that it’s entirely free, with no registration or sign-up required, making it perfect for those who don’t want to be bogged down by lengthy registration processes or have their data collected.



Cmovies has been around since 2016 but remains a popular alternative to 123movies due to its comprehensive library of movies, TV series and other video content. It features multiple countries from around the world, such as France, Germany, Italy and the UK, in addition to titles from Asia or the Middle East. An added bonus is that it supports both streaming and downloading videos for offline viewing if needed.



Afda has been around for a long time now but remains one of the most comprehensive free streaming sites on the internet. It boasts over 30,000 titles from all sorts of genres, such as action, horror and drama. All videos are available in HD or 4K quality with many supporting multiple audio tracks such as English and Spanish if needed. Afda also provides helpful sorting options, which gives an added layer of convenience for finding preferred content faster.



Yify is a great choice for users who prefer to download movies instead of streaming them online. It offers a wide selection of torrents, from the latest Hollywood releases to classic cult favorites, all organized into various categories or genres for easy browsing. Download speeds are also relatively fast, and movies can be found in multiple audio tracks and resolutions up to 1080p if available.



YesMovies is another popular online streaming website that regularly updates its library with mostly newly released films, keeping it current and up-to-date. It offers both streaming and downloading of videos along with a helpful categorization system for convenient content discovery. All videos are available in demanding HD or 4K quality, along with full English subtitles to enhance the viewing experience.



OnionPlay is another great free movie streaming site that specializes in movies that don’t necessarily have mainstream appeals, such as documentaries or independent films from lesser-known filmmakers around the world. It also allows users to download movies if they prefer to watch them offline. The website is well-organized with easy navigation, and its library includes over 10,000 films from different parts of the world.



CouchTuner is a great streaming site for those who want to stay updated with all the latest TV shows. It has an extensive collection of both current and older series from various sources such as Hulu or YouTube, guaranteed to delight both casual viewers and TV fanatics alike. Its library is organized into convenient categories for easier searching, and all videos support multiple audio tracks, with English being the default one.



    IoMovies stands out from the rest by offering a unique blend of both new releases and classic films from years or even decades ago. It also features several helpful sorting options that can help users find specific content faster, along with some trailer previews to give them an idea if it’s something they might be interested in. All videos also come with multiple audio languages and subtitles if needed.



    In case you didn’t know, IFvod stands for Internet Free Video on Demand, which speaks volumes about the type of content this streaming site offers to its users – mostly TV series without any ads or registrations required. It boasts a vast selection that includes both new shows as well as older ones from all sorts of genres, including comedies, dramas and more. All videos are also compatible across many different devices without any quality loss.



    HuraWatch is another great alternative for 123movies fans who like to watch movies online for free and ad-supported shows from a variety of sources that, includes YouTube, DailyMotion and other popular streaming sites. Its library boasts over 10,000 titles from all sorts of genres spread across multiple countries, with new videos being added on a regular basis. It also allows users to download movies or shows if they wish to watch them offline.



    Letmewatchthis is a great streaming website that specializes in providing access to TV shows and films from many different sources scattered across the internet but makes it easy for you to find whatever content you’re looking for with its intuitive search engine feature. All titles are conveniently organized into genres and years for added convenience, with each movie or show having multiple links which it can be streamed from.



    M4UFree is an online streaming site that offers a wide range of TV shows and movies without the need to download any software or register an account at all. It has both single-episode links as well as entire seasons for viewers who want to binge-watch the whole series. It also has a neat search bar that makes discovering new content easier, with videos grouped into convenient categories such as genres or countries of origin to make navigation smoother.



    Putlocker has been around since 2011 and remains one of the oldest streaming sites available on the internet. Its library contains movies from nearly every country in over 300 different genres, offering a sizeable selection when it comes to diversity, along with helpful sorting options. All videos are hosted on third-party sites for maximum scalability and improved performance, making streaming smoother than ever before.



    Movies4K is a great site that stands out due to its user-friendly interface, which allows users to quickly find whatever movie they have in mind without any hassle or confusion. It boasts over 15,000 titles from various countries, including Hollywood blockbusters as well as independent films and documentaries. It also supports multiple resolutions and audio tracks, with English being the default.



    Vumoo is an excellent alternative to 123movies that allows users to stream various TV shows and films on request without needing any registrations or payment of any kind. Its library contains over 10,000 titles ranging from commercial Hollywood blockbusters all the way up to independent film leftovers from many different countries around the world. All movies come in full HD quality and support multiple audio tracks, making for a much more immersive experience.



    Thewatchseries is another great streaming site that specifically focuses on TV shows from various sources such as Hulu or Netflix. It boasts over 1,500 titles spread across hundreds of different series ranging from modern favorites to older cult classics, with all the latest episodes available slightly after they air on cable networks like NBC and ABC. All videos come in watchable resolutions, along with multiple audio tracks.



    If you’re looking for a streaming site that focuses on Asian cinema, then Einthusan is the one to go with. It has over 6,500 titles from various countries such as India, China and Japan, in addition to some other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand or Malaysia. Its library contains everything from classic films dating back decades ago up until recent blockbusters offering a wide variety of content from the region.



    ProjectFreeTv is another popular streaming site that focuses on providing access to TV shows and movies for absolutely free without any hidden fees or registration requirements at all. It’s especially useful for those who want to watch their favorite series as soon as possible since it tends to add new episodes slightly after they air on cable networks like HBO, making sure users stay up-to-date with the latest releases.



      Azmovies is another great streaming site that offers a huge selection of films and TV shows from different countries scattered across the globe, such as America, Europe and even parts of Africa. It has an extensive library with over 20,000 titles sorted into unique categories for easy browsing, in addition to helpful sorting options like genres or years of release. All videos are also free to watch although they can sometimes be supported by ads.



      If you’re looking for newer releases, then PubFilm might be the right choice due to its exclusive emphasis on new films that are still in theaters or have recently been released. It also offers a wide selection of older movies and even classic titles from decades ago if users want to go back in time. Its library boasts over 10,000 titles from all sorts of genres, along with helpful sorting options and multiple audio tracks available on its videos.



      The aptly named Cokeandpopcorn is another popular streaming site that offers a comprehensive selection of movies and TV shows from multiple countries around the world, both in their original languages as well as dubbed versions if needed. Its library contains over 10,000 titles organized into helpful genres with useful sorting options available to make browsing easier or help you find specific content faster.



      Rainierland is another great streaming site that specializes in older movies and TV shows stretching back decades. It boasts a library of over 7000 titles sorted into 11 different genres as well as helpful sorting options such as release year or actress/director making it easier to find what you’re looking for quickly. All videos come with multiple audio tracks available along with several trailer previews useful for giving an idea if the movie might be worth watching or not before committing.



      Solarmovies is an excellent streaming site that offers both new releases and old cult classics in full HD or 4K quality with plenty of helpful sorting options. Its library contains over 10,000 titles ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films, and its videos come free of ads along with multiple audio tracks available, allowing users to further immerse themselves into the content. It also allows up to five simultaneous streams if needed, perfect for households with limited viewing devices.



      Last but not least, Hulu is one of the most comprehensive streaming sites out there boasting more than 500 titles from various countries, including both new releases as well as older classics. It also offers a range of helpful sorting options, such as actor names or genres for easier content discovery, along with multiple audio tracks to choose from, making it the perfect site if you’re looking for something to watch quickly and without any ads or registrations required.

      123Movies FAQs

      • Q: What happened to 123movies?
        A: 123movies was a hugely popular movie streaming website, but it had to shut down due to pressure from content creators and copyright holders.
      • Q: Are there any free alternatives?
        A: Yes, there are many free online movie streaming sites available as alternatives to 123movies. Some of these include LosMovies, TubiTV, Yomovies and Cmovies.
      • Q: Are any of these sites safe to use?
        A: Yes, all the listed websites are completely safe to use as long as you don’t download anything from them or click on any suspicious links.
      • Q: Are there any websites that offer free downloads?
        A: Yes, there are several websites, such as Yify or Movies4k, that offer free movie downloads for those who prefer to watch their content offline.

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